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Developing Beauty & Health Products Using Exosomes



Exosomes are a vital aspect of our biology and are found naturally throughout the body.


They are tiny power couriers that remind cells how to regenerate and be their best.  Each exosome carries intel from its parent cell that it delivers to the cell next door.  Cells download coded instructions along with a nutrient payload.


Researchers have discovered how to culture and use them to regenerate living tissue and repair the skins barrier function.  For instance, some scientists are studying how exosomes can help grow and regenerate specific types of tissue and organs.  By delivering bioidentical exosomes directly to skin, they can help the body’s gradual cascade with faster rejuvenation, helping to keep cells synced for lasting results, naturally.

The Next Frontier!

Plant-Derived Exosomes

Plant-derived exosome are small vesicles released by multivesicular bodies mainly to communicate between cells. Plant-derived exosomes are gaining more and more attention as promising carriers of exogenous bioactive molecules to human cells. Derived from various edible sources, these exosomes are remarkably biocompatible, biodegradable, and highly abundant from plants.

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